Music For Your Weekend feat. Temples, Chance the Rapper, and Dear Boy

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This weekend we have some varied sounds for your ears! Let’s go. 

Temples – “Hot Motion” 

When I first heard the Northamptonshire quartet back in 2012, I was immediately enamored with their brand of neo-psychedelia. They arrived when there was a resurgence in psychedelic rock worldwide. 

The other night while I was driving home I heard Travis Holcombe play “Hot Motion” and I immediately shazamed it. I thought it was a deep Tame Impala track I had never heard, but to my sweet delight, it was a NEW Temples jam. The track rocks and the straight ahead video features four longhaired lads playing rock & roll... you can't go wrong with that. 

Their album Hot Motion is due out September 27th, and is perfectly timed for their appearance at Desert Daze in October. Check out the sick line up for the Daze HERE.

Chance the Rapper – “Zanies and Fools” (feat. Nicki Minaj & Darius Scott)

Chance the Rapper is one huge anomaly in the music industry. The Chicago native put out free mixtapes online (Acid Rap, Coloring Book), and their success catapulted him to the frontlines of hip-hop. What’s more impressive, is that Chance won a Grammy before his first ‘official album’ had dropped, AND he still didn’t sign with a major label.

Going at it independently with his longtime manager has demonstrated that while going the indie route is tougher, Chance the Rapper gets to do it all on his own terms. The Big Day, is yet another demonstration of his tenacity and the music industry’s embrace of his autonomous spirit. The album features collaborations with John Legend, Death Cab for Cutie, CocoRosie, Randy Newman, & Shawn Mendes. It’s got me grooving all week, I’m sure it bumps on the weekend too.

Dear Boy – “Heaven Moves”

L.A. based Dear Boy put out the great The Strawberry EP earlier this year, which has caught the ears of a few KCRW DJs. Ben, Austin, Lucy and Keith have been on a tear with their post-punk and 90’s Brit guitar-pop. They got to open for The Psychedelic Furs & James tour, and have announced a string of headlining and international shows in the fall.

I was lucky enough to premiere “Heaven Moves” on my Sunday night program… and it’s an earwig of a tune! It sounds new and nostalgic at the same time. See what you think.