New Hundred in the Hands – Download Keep It Low MP3

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The Hundred in the Hands have  a brand new full length “Red Night” coming in June, and are releasing a brand new 12″ on May 28.

In keeping with their history of selecting fine remixers, their first “Red Night” single, “Keep it Low” is a chuggy dark disco monolith that features a pair of remixes by JD Twitch (of Optimo) and reworks by haunting minimalist Andy Stott, and Pattern.

The low slung bass gives it an impressive wobble that gets complemented by a 4/4 stomp,  atmospherics build and swirl into infinity as Eleanor Everdell’s impressive swoon catapults us deep into nebulae territory.

This is dance music as Hubble telescope. “Keep it Low” indeed.

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— Mario Cotto