New Music from Toro Y Moi

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After a brief foray into House Music via his Les Sins side-project for Caribou’s Jiaolong label, Chaz Bundick is back with a lovely, atmospheric new single off a brand new forthcoming full-length LP coming on Carpark in January.

Titled “So Many Details,” the new single is definitively Toro Y Moi, but with a self-assured edge that finds him unafraid of layering a myriad of disparate sounds that inch it further away from the “chillwave” category he’d been placed in and further into avant-pop R & B.

But, being as he has such a remarkable ear for melody, the track is not so experimental as to lose any of the remarkably sugary sound that has propelled him this far.

This is the sound of an artist diving headlong into the process of becoming. There are many details. And they’re ALL good.

So Many Details by ToroyMoi