Not Waving: Artist You Should Know

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Alessio Natalizia of UK duo WALLS has taken that project’s penchant for ambient melodic vibes and is exploring a more cinematic, experimental sound called Not Waving.

After a Sonic Boom produced debut called “Umwelt”, Not Waving has released a string of EPs which have been combined with unreleased material by the always reliable Emotional Response label.

Human Capabilities” is a stunning collection of tracks that range from the blissfully atmospheric to the jarringly heady mechanical. Although it is an undoubtedly heady experiment Not Waving’s Natalazia never sacrifices any of its deep soul.

Inspired partly (according to Natalazia) by classic works like “Pet Sounds”, Husker Du’sZen Arcade and This Heat’sDeceit, Human Capabilities” reverberates with the truth of those works without sounding anything like them. If anything, the vibe is more exquisitely Tangerine Dream-y.

This is machine music with a fleshy, bright red beating heart. Evidence of “Human Capabilities”.