Orthy: Artist You Should Know

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No use in lying. I’m a complicated modern sensitive kind of guy. I really love dancing funtimes in the partyzone. But, I also really love sad bastard torch songs and super sincere love songs. The only thing I like more than either of those things separately, is when they are combined; like LCD SoundsystemsSomeone Great” and  “All I Want” or Benoit & Sergio’sBoy Trouble.”

So, I got super mega excited when I discovered Austin, TX’s Orthy. His debut single, Sueños, on the Wurst Music label is an awesome super sincere love song dance  jam.

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On “Sueños,” just beneath the glistening synth melody and the heavy thump of the bass, the vocal melodies echo and harmonize like The Beach Boys on a Gregorian monk chant trip, while Orthy sings, “Only time will tell…will you be the best that you can be…” The sounds affirm the idea of life as a dream, while lyrically being painfully honest about how precarious love can be. The accompanying B-sides City Girl” and Don’t Believe” offer emotional support to the concept, which Orthy (Ian Orth) told Interview magazine is to “write songs about life and love and the trials and tribulations of life.”

Lofty goal to be sure, but so far sooooo good.

Mario Cotto