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Outfit by Andrew Ellis

Today the spotlight shines on new music from the UK band Outfit.  This five-piece formed in Liverpool in 2011 and quickly relocated to London.

They have put out a single and an EP through Double Denim Records, the label that will release their debut LP “Performance” worldwide on August 12, 2013.

Check out the album’s first single, “House On Fire

House On Fire by OUTFIT

Performance” goes in a few directions.  It’s dancey at times, dream pop at others, but maintains a somewhat melancholy sensibility throughout, even on the more uptempo pieces.

Besides the above single, my favorites include “I Want What’s Best” (the first track I played on KCRW), “Performance” (could almost pass for a Shake-The-Diseaseera Depeche Mode number), “Thank God I Was Dreaming” (remind me to play this into a Washed Out song), and the album closer, “Two Islands“.

Outfit’s management says they’re looking to bring the band stateside in 2014 for some live dates, so stay tuned.

Chris Muckley


Editor’s Note: I’ve taken a liking to the track “Everything All the Time“, if you want to sample another song!