Peach Kings: Local Band We Love

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The Peach Kings’  Paige Wood and Steven Dies won an unsigned artist competition thrown by Paste Magazine and Alternative Apparel late last year and – even though I’m yet to see them live myself — I’m sure it’s due in no small part to the sweetness of their self-described “gypsydelic” sound and their reported on-stage chemistry. In the time since, they’ve moved to Los Angeles, toured extensively, and have put together an album called, “Trip Wop” (which you can sample via their Soundcloud page.)

A fitting name as one could give them, Peach Kings has a sound has a tart, rootsy twang that’s made stars of The Black Keys but simultaneously has a soft, warm downtempo beat reminiscent of Quadron. They’ve been drawing lots of other very favorable comparisons but, like any good thing, better to allow the music to speak for itself and experience these new artists on their own terms. They perform at the Bootleg Theatre on October 1st.

Little Things by thepeachkings

— Mario Cotto