Peaking Lights: Artist You Should Know

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LA (by way of Wisconsin) dub duo Peaking Lights are back with more spectacularly trippy echoriddims.

Following the success of their lush 936 album,  Aaron & Indra toured some, remixed some, and then BOOM! had a baby some.

Inspired by the supremely lifechanging aspects of having a baby, they started work on their forthcoming record Lucifer. Don’t let the seemingly Satanic reference fool you, these are gorgeously mellow tunes meant to give you blissful chill vibes in the chill zone.

Their baby’s gurgly laugh and sounds even make an appearance on the track “LO HI.”

LO HI by Peaking Lights

For the past few months, the duo have been ramping up the release excitement with a series of rad mixtapes (which you can check out on their Soundcloud page*) and a couple of local shows about town, but as the June 19th release date approaches it’s best to simply visit and listen for yourself.

In their own words, “The songs that we’ve been working on have been very groovy and psyched out, foraging deeper into new rhythm techniques and territories, smoother bass lines w/ a heavy dub influence looking outward to private press boogie records, african & latin rhythms and tranced vibrations of the most killer all nite party you’ve never been to…”

*And…the checking out of the mixes is highly suggested.

— Mario Cotto