Phonica Celebrates it’s 10th Year With a Stellar Compilation

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It’s hard to believe that Soho’s Phonica Record shop is 10.

Perhaps because in this global economy selling (almost exclusively) dance vinyl and because a brick and mortar shop seems counterintuitive when one can sell online (which they do quite well,) Phonica is a unique case of everything in it’s right place.

It’s also why it’s hard to believe Phonica is only 10.

So woven into the fabric of UK dance culture and the way it extends to the States…it feels like Phonica has always been there.

In any case, to celebrate their first decade of excellence, they’ve compiled a spectacular 3-CD/LP collection of works by dance music stalwarts like Henrik Schwarz, Trevor Jackson and I:Cube and young turks Joakim, Juju & JordashLord of The Isles and Psychemagik. The compilation is a dizzying, ecstatic compendium of forward thinking artists and tracks that elevate the concept of dance music beyond the teeth grinding, jackhammer squelches of the genres current iteration.

Phonica’s taken their birthday as an opportunity to remind us of their and our very bright future. Thanks Phonica…and cheers! (*raises a pint) Here’s to 10 more.

Below check Joakim’s extraordinary contribution, “EAHR“.