Pink Skull: Artist You Should Know

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I love Pink Skull with a deep, weird brotherly love. We are kin because (like yours truly) they emerged from the pre-millenial electronic sludge of Philadelphian sub-culture. From the pre-social network flyer days and cultural ooze of Spaceboy & 611 Records, the sleaze of Silk City and the early days of Making Time at Transit.

In the early days, they made mix-tapes and mashups that sounded like turning on a dozen boomboxes on different radio stations and their earliest recordings were the loopy equivalent of swimming in a pool of apple cinnamon oatmeal. Originally, these dudes were making left-field dance music that was danceable, if one was willing to take the doors of perception off it’s hinges.

Nowadays, that weird foundation remains but the music has gotten less overtly psychedelic and more rooted in the basic function of dance music…the groove. And with 3 different releases on 3 different labels right now, one could say Pink Skull are in it.

They’ve got a sharp 12″  on Throne of Blood , cheekily titled “John, I’m Only Braindancing.” A play on the Bowie track and the early days of Aphex Twin’s Rephlex record label, the 12″ doesn’t negate their interest in altered states, but rather brings it into sharp focus.

And with a pair of remixes by Jokers of the Scene and Jacques Renault & Das Moth, the single is more fun than a bowl of brown M & Ms. Additionally, in the last month and a half they’ve released their “Definitve Gauze” EP on My Favorite Robot and “Blind Babies of the International Sunshine Society” EP available at

Tune in and turn on your Pink Skull.

Pink Skull “John I’m Only Braindancing (Jokers of the Scene remix)” by Jokers Of The Scene