Poolside — Download Slow Down

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Poolside dropped the news that their full length, “Pacific Standard Time,” was done and being released on July 9th via Day & Night.

To celebrate, they released a brand new track (available as a free download on their Soundcloud) called “Slow Down“. A super slow chugger, whose lyrics are equal parts self-help instruction and a proclamation of their ethos, “Slow down, don’t move so fast. Slow down, let this feeling last. Relax. It’s alright.” And if for any reason the lyrics don’t land, the track ambles at such a sumptuously relaxing pace, it should come with a prescription.

Poolside – Slow Down by Poolside Music

The boys have also provided a spectacularly simple video to the track that additionally works as an instructional video on how-to spend a lazy summer afternoon: That is Poolside, with friends.