Prinzhorn Dance School economize on their new LP

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No strangers to economy, Tobin Prinz and Suzi Horn (aka Prinzhorn Dance School) have to date made a name for themselves fashioning slinky, minimalist, angular post-punk as a duo.

Although their sound hints at a range of artists from Young Marble Giants to Swell Maps to Pylon to more recent acts like The xx, Prinzhorn is it’s own very unique, haunting thing. On their newest work, Home Economics, the Brighton duo gave themselves rigorous parameters by recording on the go, in a number of apartments in different towns.

The result is a 6 track that gleams with clear-eyed intention and unfettered intimacy. The tracks sound like the feeling of coming across a box of pictures of ex-lovers and remembering the tenuous and intoxicating power of desire.

Clean” and “Let Me Go” are perfectly hewn nuggets of lovelorn pop that crushed me upon first listen, and kept crushing with every repeated listen. Love should always hurt this good.