Purity Ring: Artist You Should Know

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Purity Ring (Corin Roddick and Megan James) have built up enough kinetic energy that they could potentially be the catalyst for the discovery of dark matter before the Hadron Collider.

Steadily working on their debut album, Shrines, while perfecting their live show (which my Production Assistant Tahl caught at SXSW and claims was “one of the coolest things he’s EVER seen”) Roddick and James, both still shy of 25, have very smartly taken their time to create something that is perfectly of the moment while simultaneously being it’s own unique creation.

Sitting somewhere between the dark syrup-drenched “witch house” of Salem and the electro-pixie vibes of Grimes as re-imagined by the Cocteau Twins, (if the Cocteau Twins were into Dirty South R & B) Purity Ring’s first single off the record, “Obedear” has more in common with a bootleg chopped and screwed version of Cassie’sMe & U” than anything else.

Like the Hadron Collider, Shrines is a product of the Information Age, a distillation of discovery and a leap forward in the search for truth amidst the chaos. Unlike the Collider however, Shrines works pretty consistently.

Purity Ring – Obedear by Last Gang Entertainment