Rare Times: Local Artist You Should Know

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Local duo Rare Times are set to release their second EP later this month. “Mistfollows up their solid, seductive downtempo debut EP, “Missionary.

Led by Anthony Calonico & Alex Talan, “Mist” finds these two further investigating the lines between 80’s radio RnB, House & synthpop.

Nightdrive music for a Miami Vice reboot, this is the moody, cinematic version of the vibe that has made household names of Twin Shadow and The Weeknd.

But, where those acts perhaps rely more on overt Gothic New Wave or narcotized RnB bravado, Rare Times have more in common with the Balearic and/or smooth jazz vibes of adult contemporary Quiet Storm artists like Double.

The “Mist”EP also has a pair of remixes by local rad dudes Pharoahs and Airbird.

For mist…this is seriously sharp work.