Red Axes: Artist You Should Know

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A few short years after the dissolution of their post-punk band Red Cotton, Tel Aviv based DJ/Producers Red Axes have established themselves as a formidable dance music juggernaut.

Lifelong friends, Dori Sadovnik and Niv Arzi have come upon a sound that is unique but falls in perfectly with their contemporaries; Daniel Avery, Timothy J Fairplay, Split Secs and artists on Comeme records. It’s the playfully aggressive sound of post-punk gone to the rave.

The combination of their tireless work ethic and the resulting excitement that comes with each new release has resulted in a grip of solid releases on Klasse, Correspondant and I’m A Cliche and remixes for Kill The DJ and Throne of Blood. In 3 years time, Sadovnik and Arzi have garnered top notch vibe boutique pedigree.

One listen to their forthcoming “Kicks Out of You” EP (on I’m A Cliche in March) and you can feel what the fuss is about.

In 3 lush, chuggy tracks, Red Axes explore Samba rhythms, but unlike our favorite Nordic Lord of the Dance, this is a decidedly less ecstatic take.

This is a slowed down menacing use of the rhythm. Adding militaristic drums, weird warped vocals and sci-fi/horror synths this is weaponized Samba. This is the sound of Snake Plissken relenting and just wigging out hard with half-naked, superhot Carnival zombie-babes at 4:30am at the Ivan Smagge and Weatherall rave.