Reuben Hollebon: Artist You Should Know

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Having spent time as a recording engineer for the stars, ranging from Basement Jaxx to the London Symphony Orchestra, British newcomer Reuben Hollebon makes his own debut album with Terminal Nostalgia, due for release in early 2016 on Bright Antenna Records.

In advance he offers a new video for the record’s single, “Faces,” directed by Australian Emma Rozanski. She nicely (or not-so-nicely) captures the unsavory vibe of Hollebon’s plaintive song, which resonates with a gorgeous melancholy that, like a backwoods version of Radiohead, marries gently plucked acoustic guitars with clacking rhythms, aqueous background drones and Hollebon’s own dramatic murmurs and howls.

As for exactly what is going on in the video, your guess is as good as mine, but it serves as a perfectly intriguing cinematic analog to Hollebon’s own intriguing music.