Rhye: Artist You Should Know

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Having said all this, there are times when a bad word is the right word. Because it is fitting. Because it is a perfect indicator of the thing.

Rhye’sOpen” is sexy.

Literally, it is sexy. That is, it has qualities that are distinctly sexual in nature.

Rhye- Open by Rhyemusic

Outside of the sexual candor of the lyrics delivered in an ambiguously genderless falsetto whispering to “stay open,” the track’s steady rhythm shuffles back and forth like the piston on a steam powered locomotive.

This is quiet storm, night train music, like Marvin.

Rhye is the purposefully mysterious collaborative side project of a number of KCRW favorites. Since the mystery is part of the allure, I won’t hip you to any names…you can find out for yourself if you want to. But, do check it out, as it is one of those rare beautiful instances of something really achieving it’s intended goal. That is to make you feel it. Stay open. [This link NSFW.]

— Mario Cotto