Robin Hannibal: Artist You Should Know

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I’ll never forget the first time I heard Quadron’s music. I was sitting in bed checking out MySpace pages looking for something new and different to air that Monday night.  I heard soul, beats and vocals and researched a bit more on what this band was. Turns out the producer was Robin Hannibal, who had previously released Living With Owusu and Hannibal, which was a personal favorite! His cover of “Caroline No” (originally recorded by The Beach Boys) was on constant repeat!

A few years after Quadron made a huge splash at KCRW and around the world, Robin Hannibal is set to drop an EP “Bobby” on September 6 on Plug Research.

Stream “Sneak Preview”

“Bobby” is set with lush synth arrangements with sloppy chops, kicks and snares that somehow brilliantly work!  Only Robin can pull this off.  Enjoy a preview below.

— Anthony Valadez