Rouge Mécanique: Artist You Should Know

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Pyramids of Mars is a new imprint associated with the Rekids label. What their M.O. will be is as yet to be determined, however, if their first release is any indication…we can seemingly expect a series of certifiable left-of-center chuggers. Their first release “Witches”  is the handiwork of new artist Rouge Mécanique.

In Berlin by way of Paris, Italian producer Roman Azzaro (Rouge Mécanique) is crafting a menacing hybrid of Italo Disco with a dark hint of a motorik groove. Azzaro claims his psychedelic, trip hop, disco sounds are inspired by fashion, but I see less hints of Vogue and more hints of The Eyes of Laura Mars.

Starting with the haunting sound of someone running up/down? stairs and opening a door unto a swirling sonic urban jungle this is seriously self-assured dance music with a bold cinematic streak. Like his fellow French compatriots, Discodeine and Principles of Geometry and the dread disco label DC Recordings, Azzaro’s “Witches” has real menacing John Carpenter vibes but doesn’t sacrifice any of it’s stomping dancebility.

It’s exciting faceted stuff that may be inspired by shutter clicks on the runway, but is sweaty black leather jacket and eye patch disco.