Silk Rhodes: Artist You Should Know

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Peanut Butter Wolf, founder and honcho over at Stones Throw, with an mp3 from a band that he was excited about.

It was the perfect song that I needed to hear at that moment.

It was the ultimate break up song complete with a haunting organ, wah wah guitar and strings with the opening line:

“Now that’s it over, I can finally see that all things must change and remain, like I know you do”.

I was sold!

I sat there in my pajamas, yet to start my day, stuck in bed, with this song on repeat.

Good stuff from this duo — a nice twist of Al B Sure meets Cody ChesnuTT meets Sly Stone meets Sunset Blvd on a Sunday Morning.

I’ve played it several times on my show and gotten lots of feedback and requests for it the following Monday.

I wanted to know more about this band and Wolf tells me they are two young men from Baltimore — vocalist Sasha Desree and producer Michael Collins — who worked their way West to be close to the label.

Catch Silk Rhodes in LA performing with Wolf at their L.A. debut THIS Thursday, August 14th at Complex LA.