Song For Your Weekend — Bipp by Sophie

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In a year of truly spectacular singles from Pepe Braddock’s insane collapsing Acid workout to Todd Terje’s Sambalaeric disko to Mathew Jonson’s blissed out star trek, nothing has cold-cocked me quite like newcomer Sophie’sBipp.”

It landed in my inbox 4 days ago and has literally been on repeat since then, and while the world is losing their minds about how revolutionary and bold the new album by a certain megalomaniac (who will remain unnamed)…this unknown Londoner has crafted a track as much raw power and sonic bravado as anything on that record.

Bipp” (out now on Numbers) is kind of hard to describe as it doesn’t really sound like anything else out there.

It sounds like a melted Debbie Deb record turned into soft serve ice cream dripping on an iPad playing a YouTube of a 90s rave video interspliced with really weird clips of Courage the Cowardly Dog.

If I wanted to be a smartass and try to coin a bloghouse genre I’d call it “Freestyle Bubblegum Trap“, but honestly that’s not it either.

Whatever it is, it is hopefully the first in a series of continuing stylistically undefinable shake ups from Sophie. Whoever she may be.