SONNS: Local Artist We Love

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Local DJs/Production duo Alexandre & Travis “TK Disco” have released a couple of tracks and remixes under the moniker Split Secs. Specializing in a chuggy, driving brand of house that contrasts classic house sounds with swirly psychedelic and crushing industrial flourishes, their productions are stunners.

Their track “I’m Not Losin’” and their remix of local laid-back rock dudes Pacific Horizons’  “Stealing Fire from Heaven” were a couple of my summer jams.

Two weeks ago, I got an email from A Club Called Rhonda’s  resident DJ and bon-vivant, Goddollars with the subject line, “u hear this” and the following link.

SONNS – On My Mind feat. Red Baron by Alexandre / Split Secs

Unbeknowst to me, running parallel to their housey Split Secs project, Alexandre has a disco-flavored project called SONNS.

Less overtly aggressive than the Split Secs sound, SONNS jams still thump pretty hard, but romantically balance brawny masculinity with a tropical setting sun vibe thats all pina coladas and bearded dudes in bright red lipstick.

I’ve pretty much been obsessing about these SONNS tracks and playing them everywhere. Just last week, I spun at 4 different events across town and every single time I played “On My Mind”  all hands went up.

— Mario Cotto