Sons of the Morning: Artist You Should Know

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Late last year, I got a chance to witness a live Boiler Room collaboration between Prefuse 73 and LA’s own Teebs.

It was a stunning and exciting show of leftfield electronic virtuousity that left me wondering if this collaboration would fruitfully result in a release.

Now, that release is here, under the duo’s moniker Sons of the Morning.

The first release on Guillermo S. Herren’s (aka Prefuse 73) new record label Yellow Year is his collaborative EP with the Brainfeeder luminary.

Speak Soon Volume One is a warped seven track excursion of swirling electronic textures, punctuated by gently propulsive percussion.

The EP is the first in a series of EPs on Herren’s label that pair his talents with those of a fellow production luminary.

Upcoming collaborative EPs are slated with Nosaj Thing, Lapalux, Synkro, Nathan Fake, Dimlite, with more to be announced.

Speak Soon Volume One tracklisting

1. The Way Winter Passed Us
2. The Way That Wind Moves pt1
3. A Dangerous Exploration of Bird Life
4. The Way That Wind Moves pt2
5. The Distance From Our Fears
6. Sunday’s Buzzabout
7. Movement in Mercury