SXSW Preview: Top Picks from Anthony Valadez

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(AV previously spotlighted Action Bronson and here are a few more of his favorites to look out for at the fest)


These guys are bad! Super bad!

A jazz trio out of Toronto with previous collaborations with Odd Future’s Tyler The Creator and Frank Ocean, they are known mainly for their renditions and covers which are from another planet.

Having built a buzz thanks in part to the blogosphere, they just linked a deal with Innovative Leisure and I’m pretty sure these guys are going to rock SXSW 2014!

Find them on the Showdown at Cedar Street Showcase.

Black Atlass

I came across this while making the rounds in the blog world and was instantly drawn into his sound.

Black Atlass mixes his soft voice accompanied by electronic beats in a very smooth and mellow vibe. His “Young Bloods” EP was released in February on Fool’s Gold Records. Would love to see this live!

Connan Mockasin

Caramel” was one of the most interesting releases of 2013. The entire record was recorded in a hotel in Tokyo and it just has this sexy dark vibe that channels something out of the 70’s.

It caught my attention with videos like “I’m The Man That Will Find You“.

Dj Spinn and Rashad

Chicago’s Spinn and Rashad have been part of the Juke/Footwork scene for a while now and I give it about a year before their signature uptempo sounds become the template of your typical radio hit.

It’s not really the type of sounds I would want to listen to while in traffic, but it’s definitely the soundtrack to rage I look forward to losing my mind on the dance floor — despite the fact I don’t dance.

Check them out at the Spotify House.