Tame Impala — “Apocalypse Dreams” Download

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In a follow-up to the recent teaser to Tame Impala’s new album Lonerism

Yesterday afternoon, a little after 4PM Pacific Standard, Twitter was buzzing with excitement about the fact that Triple J radio was going to premiere a new track by the Aussie psychdudes…but, things got even more awesome when immediately following the premiere, the band offered the track as a FREE DOWNLOAD from their website.

The track, “Apocalypse Dreams” is the disintegrating epic that features in the minute long teaser starts off like a classic Motown chugger and then turns into a stunningly woozy and inspired existential trip that recalls The Flaming Lips at their Soft Bulletin finest.

It’s fantastic and hopefully a solid indicator of the fact that Tame Impala’s new record is going to be an excellent follow-up to their indelible debut. If only all dreams could be this apocalyptic.

— Mario Cotto

by Maciek Pozoga