Taste the Rainbow: A Solo Spectral Excursion from Cosmic Kids’ Daniel T

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LA’s Cosmic Kids are Los Angeles Dance music scene stalwarts.

Since the early 2000’s electroclash nights at Cinespace through the early days of Rhonda to Funkmosphere and beyond, Kids’ Ron & Dan have put in their time on the dancefloor and behind the decks. They are truly about it.

And they will undoubtedly, forever be Cosmic Kids…but all kids also eventually grown up. And Cosmic Dan is doing so in formidable fashion by releasing a lovely new EP on LA’s Young Adults label under the moniker Daniel T.

A seemingly sleepless DJ, Dan spins virtually everywhere, and just as importantly everything. His musical range and knowledge is an admirable thing of beauty. And his Tetrachromat EP is a bold exploration and expression of a variety of things that move him.

The four “colors” of the EP find him playing with David Byrne Afrobeat fetishism, Rollerboogie disco, Ambient and House.

And the result is a unique, but pleasantly accessible set that is frankly quite unlike anything else out there right now.

Taste the rainbow.