The Cactus Channel: Artist You Should Know

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As the CDs pile up on my kitchen table and the promo emails with album-download links clog my inbox, I often find myself skimming through mediocre to uninteresting submissions in an attempt to make something resembling a dent in what is left to be reviewed.

During that process, it’s always a treat when I come across a band or musician that really catches my interest, and makes me want to listen to their record the whole way through, and then over again.  I want to share a recent one with you.

The Cactus Channel is a 10-piece group of teenagers from Melbourne, Australia.  Their music is instrumental funk, played to analogue tape, and the sound is instantly nostalgic.  They released two vinyl singles and now have put out a full-length album called “Haptics on Australia’s Hope Street Recordings.

Check out “The Colour Of Don Don“, which is the second of 10 tracks on the album.  It has a lazy-Sunday-afternoon vibe that fits perfectly into our Southern California surf culture.

The Colour of Don Don by HopeStreet Recordings

If you like that, I highly recommend checking out the rest of Haptics.

— Chris Muckley