The Crystal Ark: Artist You Should Know

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Long considered DFA Records secret-weapon, keyboardist and analog synth builder Gavin Russom has had a spectrum of projects he’s been a part of.

From Delia and Gavin to Black Leotard Front to Black Meteoric Star, Russom has made everything from spectral psychedelic noise to glitchy house epics.

The latest incarnation of Russom’s sound is a chuggy Spanglish pop house project called The Crystal Ark. By incorporating NuYorican Afro-salsa percussion and krauty psych noodling with disco house rhythms, they’ve crafted something that approximates LCD Soundsystem taken to it’s No Wave extreme.

We Came To (House Mix) by DFA Records

Having appeared all over the world at venues such as the Sydney Opera House, Palais De Tokyo, The Hirshorn Museum and MOMA PS1 — as well as many sweaty, dark night clubs — The Crystal Ark is high and low art. It’s headphone and club music. It’s the sound of underground New York.

Where J.Lo claimed some 6 train realness, The Crystal Ark is the true sound of a late night train ride to the Bronx. Ride with them.

— Mario Cotto