The Falls: Artist You Should Know

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The government shutdown a few weeks ago impacted a wide range of people, including musicians hoping to tour the U.S.

The Falls, a band from Australia, was scheduled to perform on a tour with Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks, however the shutdown delayed the visa process.

A quick thinking management crew blasted phone calls to the consulate and eventually found an employee who was sympathetic and came to their aid in the nick of time. They were able to get on a plane to Los Angeles and, with minutes to spare, run into the El Rey Theater and run onto stage to open the show. That’s the sound of true touring and Rock N Roll.

Now that they’ve successfully landed on U.S. soil Let me introduce you to The Falls.

Their bio on Soundcloud says:

They met. They fell in love.
They wrote songs.
They fought. They made up.
They broke up.
They wrote songs.

Simon Brown and Melinda Kerwin have been playing together for two years now and have toured with The Lumineers, Of Monsters and Men, and Passenger.

With over 70,000 Soundcloud plays, they are coming in strong.

I originally heard their single “Home” a few weeks back, and it really felt like a perfect song as we prepare for the holiday season.

They’re hitting the road with Ivan and Alyosha this month. Catch them if you can!