The Khun Narin Electric Phin Band: Artist You Should Know

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Local producer and studio wizard Josh Marcy is a righteous dude.

An unassuming and generally beatific kind of dude, you’d have to twist his arm to get him to tell you about being DJ Harvey’s engineer.

But that’s seemingly not his trip anyways, for a true head like Marcy, the trip is the trip.

And that literally and figuratively has resulted in the release of one of the most unique world psychedelic albums in the history of the genre.

For a couple of years the video below floated around the leftfield blogosphere, making the rounds from WFMU to Dangerous Minds, which is where eventually Marcy came across it.

So moved and inspired, he ended up tracking down the person responsible for the video and asking a waitress at a local Thai restaurant to help translate over the phone.

The Khun Narin Electric Phin Band are a traditional party band that are the Thai equivalent of a Second Line in New Orleans…they’ll march in a parade behind your family just dropping crazy high pitched guitar licks over a set of chuggy tribal drummers with their soundsystem in tow and eventually just park it in your yard and jam.

Without any prior awareness of this phenomenon or the band or the language or just about anything, Marcy set about going to Thailand to find them and record them.

Like Ry Cooder did Buena Vista in Havana…but less moody adult contempo, more gonzo psychedelic punk style.

You can check out his interview with Red Bull about the experience here.

The result is unlike anything else you’ll have come across this year. And possibly ever.

Unless you’ve been to this province in Thailand and/or seen these clips on YouTube.