The Return of Blonde Redhead

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20 years on, New York dream pop outfit Blonde Redhead continues to boldly do whatever the Hell they want in their confoundingly delectable way.

Their newest album, “Barragan, picks up where their gorgeous 2010 release “Penny Sparkle left off.

That is to say, they’re still finding new and intriguing ways to artfully explore a slow, gossamer version of a sound that has made household names of artists like Beach House and Little Dragon.

Mind you, they don’t necessarily sound like those artists (although sometimes they do.) Rather it’s their ability to (like those artists) conjure a feeling of floating in a pink haze.

What clearly separates Blonde Redhead from those artists (and possibly widespread mass appeal) however, is an almost confrontational service to their art rock beginnings and influences.

But where some may find this pretentious or off-putting, one listen to a track like “Dripping” and their longevity and sustainable appeal becomes apparent.

They are in this for the long haul and for no other purpose than to create gauzy, vibey tracks sound like a dream.

This is music.