The Twang: Artist You Should Know

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The Twang are a five-piece from Birmingham. The one in England, not Alabama. This fact is fairly obvious from the moment singer/guitarist Phil Etheridge opens his mouth, which is to say The Twang are a distinctly British breed of rock band.

Spawned from the same post-90’s Britpop class as the Arctic Monkeys back in 2007, the British music press hyped The Twang as The Next Big Thing (a title bestowed upon no fewer than 25 British rock bands annually by the UK music press) upon the release of their debut album Love It When I Feel Like This. Five years later, with the shrieks of the hype machine now a distant echo, The Twang have just released their latest offering, “10:20“.

“10:20” probably won’t be the album to catapult The Twang over the hump Stateside, but that’s not to say there aren’t some really nice tracks on it. The standout track for me is their cover of Durutti Column‘s “Tomorrow“. Check it out below.