This Week’s Top Downloads: Meek Mill and Mike Skinner

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Meek Mill — “Dreamchasers 3” mixtape 

The “Dreamchasers 2″ mixtape by Meek Mill was not only my favorite rap mixtape of last year, but one of my 10 favorite releases of the year, period.

Since the release of DC2, the Philadelphia rapper released his commercial debut, “Dreams & Nightmares” at the end of 2012. Things have been fairly quiet on the release front since then.Until now.Meek Mill is back with “Dreamchasers 3. While it lacks the sure-fire hits like DC2’s “Amen” and “Burn” (both of which made it onto “Dreams & Nightmares”), it’s a solid release and as good a place to start as any if you’ve been sleeping on Meek Mill for the last couple of years.

I keep finding myself going back to the “I Got 5 On It“-flipping “Heaven Or Hell”. because, let’s face it, you really can’t mess things up it you’re rhyming over “I Got 5 On It.



Mike Skinner — “Know There’s No”

Mike Skinner may have retired his moniker, The Streets, but that doesn’t mean he’s stopped making music.

Earlier this year he released an album with Rob Harvey of The Music under the name The D.O.T. Frankly, it isn’t really my thing, BUT I am feeling this track that Skinner just released on his Soundcloud page this week: “Know There’s No“.

There’s no vocals on here, so you won’t hear any of The Streets’ off-beat Cockney wit, but what you do get is an interesting leftfield house track that’s hopefully a harbinger of more work to come from Skinner.