Tirzah: Artist You Should Know

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Longtime friends and collaborators on different projects, production wunderkind Micachu (of Micachu and The Shapes) and her fashion designer/vocalist  friend Tirzah, have created an experimental English House-tinged RnB stunner of an EP for Joe Goddard’s Greco-Roman label.

Slow, skittery and vibey as hell, it’s brilliant work that is as melodically clever as TEED and lovelorn as The XX and Quadron.

The naked vocals and lyrics play off of skeletal DIY instrumentation and drumming that seem like the product of tinkering with broken down machinery.

The result is so unique and undeniably catchy that you can’t help but bob your head in time. It makes the current state of American arena-pop RnB seem goofily insincere and fatuously overproduced by comparison.

Bless these UK cats for finding soulful grooves with effortless charm and for having hooks sweeter than any Top 40 jam.

Inside Out” literally bangs without breaking a sweat and “I’m Not Dancing” chugs and has a distorted low end that you should probably see your doctor about if you don’t feel.

On the whole, the EP is a right lesson in economic vibes that we should be paying close attention to, lest we miss the point altogether.