Tish Hyman: Artist You Should Know

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Last week I was poking around and hit on this video for Tish Hyman’s “Subway Art”.

I was floored.

Even if you didn’t speak English, you could feel what “Subway Art” was about. The pain and vulnerability in her delivery bleed through every note of the song.

Her talent as a rapper and singer are undeniable, then add the fact that there’s a real message in what she’s singing about, it’s clear that Tish Hyman has the complete package.

Of course, there’s the Lauryn Hill thing.

Yes, she does sound a lot like Lauryn Hill. That is totally not a bad thing, especially in light of the fact that Lauryn Hill hasn’t sounded like Lauryn Hill in the lifetimes of most people graduating high school next month (“Miseducation” came out in 1998…did I just make you feel old?).

I would encourage you to support Tish Hyman’s debut single “Subway Art” by heading over to iTunes and picking it up right now.

You can also find a powerful acoustic version of her song, “All That I Can Do“, which is available as a free download on her soundcloud page.

Buckle up and press play.