Todd Terje: Artist You Should Know

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I feel like maybe Todd Terje has assigned himself the task of releasing a monumental, inescapable stunner of a single at least once (sometimes twice) a year.

A couple of years ago, there was “Eurodans” or alternatively one could point to any one of his (upwards of 100) brilliant edits of Michael Jackson, Thin Lizzy, and Paul Simon floating around the internet (particularly under the aliases TangoterjeWade Nichols.)

Then last year it was the excellent “Snooze 4 Love off the Ragysh EP.

This year, in addition of a great love druggy rework of Roxy Music’sLove is the Drug“, he released a 12” called It’s the Arps which includes an epic heater called “Inspector Norse.”

TODD TERJE – Inspector Norse by toddterje

A slinky, undeniable space disco workout, Inspector Norse shimmers, stretches, and flexes in all the right places. Like an exploding star, it chugs along at a familiar 120 BPM  and then surprises by surging and exploding in the middle only to distribute it’s glittering space dust into the infinite. Ultimately though, it’s the synth licks and random flourishes that make it a dizzying marvel. It’s a readymade Scando-disco classic and is undeniably fit to become one of the 2012’s anthems.

— Mario Cotto