Todd Terje’s Strandbar Space Odyssey

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There’s a discoteque in Asgard that plays strictly Todd Terje tracks for all of eternity and approximately once every Earth year the resident DJ there tosses a track down to us from the heavens.

Like a bolt of lightning it crashes upon our primitive monkeymind sensibilities and compels us to move. We know not why. It simply is. Like the mysteries of space and time.

The latest sublime Scando Space Odyssey from (arguably) the world’s catchiest producer, Todd Terje, has arrived on his own relatively new Olsen Records imprint. Strandbar” (named after the Berlin riverfront bar?) is yet another slow burning and totally euphoric epic for Terje.

Built on a bed of funk and italo discofloor synth washes, it eventually incorporates surreal Love Boat-esque samba rhythms which take over the track completely until the whole track explodes and shoots across the universe like a swirly, laser light, interdimensional worm hole portal from here to Asgard.

Terje’s unquestionable domination of the form would be enviable and frustrating to all his peers, if it weren’t so inspired, otherworldly and just full-tilt goddamned fun.