Tom Vek’s Indelible Return to Form

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Back in 2005, baby faced poppy dance-punk dude Tom Vek dropped one of the most infectious and undeniably groovy albums of the genre and decade.

We Have Soundremains one of the strongest debut albums I’ve ever heard.

Like it was yesterday, I remember him taking the Troubadour stage behind a drum kit and absolutely melting faces with shimmering, jagged nu-New Wavey dance jam after jam.

There may have been a guitarist on stage with him, but it’s hard to recall as Vek owned the stage that evening with a virtuosity and swagger I haven’t seen since.

He released a more “mature”-sounding album a few years back, and although it was relatively good, it didn’t have the urgent sing-songy quality that made “We Have Sound” such a juggernaut.

In any case, he must’ve exorcised those maturity demons, because the first single off his forthcoming “Luck” album, “Sherman (Animals in the Jungle)” is a wicked, angular return to form.

When Vek throws it in gear, his sound just lends itself to any given obtuse catchy hook. He’s going on about death and legs and talking to some dude named Sherman, it’s a hot mess. But it’s the intention and propulsive energy he puts behind it that gives it all life.

And this track lives and breathes…and snarls, lurches and twitches with waaaaaayyyy wicked energy.

This is good. Tom Vek is giving us sound. Again.