Tornado Wallace’s Wavy New Trip Back to the Future

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Aptly named Australian DJ/Producer Tornado Wallace is a bona-fide force of nature.

His range of work on Instruments of RaptureDelusions of Grandeur, Beats in Space and LA’s ESP Institute spans an impressive range of styles from classic Disco sounds to chuggy House to wavy emotively Ambient.

His newest, forthcoming 12″ on the Beats in Space label finds Wallace in Acidic Rave banger mode.

A-side; “Kangaroo Ground is heavy, slow, squelchy facemelting Acid that hits like a Johnny Mneumonic data upload of the collective experiences of 100,000 19 year olds in ringers and baggy jeans in 1994.

And B-side; “Ferntree Gully” marries cinematic arpeggiated synth lines to classic bouncing smiley, flying 3D dolphin rave graphic flourishes.

It’s lush and reminiscent, but not retro.

It’s extremely wavy, but not devastating.

Years back, bloggish people and publicists coined “nu-Rave”, but this 12″ is proof they came up with that term like a decade too early.