Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs: Artist You Should Know

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still taken from T-E-E-D "Household Goods" video
Although the moniker “Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs” doesn’t necessarily (or even remotely) conjure images or thoughts of glittery, pulsing electro-house, it should. This dance music producer, born with the equally odd Harry Potterish name, Orlando Higginbottom, hails from Oxford where he was an elementary music school teacher and his father is a music professor.
If you listen to T-E-E-D productions like his remix for Friendly Fires’ Hawaiian Air” or his own “Household Goods,” beyond the gorgeously throbbing beat there is an exquisitely playful musicality that has lead to forthcoming collaborations with Damon Albarn and releases on the Greco-Roman label headed by Joe Goddard (of Hot Chip.)
Unconcerned with “being cool,” Higginbottom seemingly chose a name and identity that would court some head-scratching and to boot wears home-made Triceratops headdresses at his shows. It not only flies in the face of club hip-ness but highlights his ideology which screams ,”this is playtime.” Stop trying to look cool, stop trying to mack on that guy/girl, stop being a wallflower, and dance. T-E-E-D has a new single “Trouble” coming in October and is playing (in dino-outfit, obviously) at the HARD Haunted Mansion.

I dare you to listen to Household Goods and NOT MOVE:

Household Goods by T-E-E-D

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