Track Premiere: Angus & Julia Stone – “Oakwood”

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Today we are back with a new single from the Australian sibling duo Angus & Julia Stone called “Oakwood.” The song starts off with a fun, driving beat, as Angus effortlessly skips through his verses with Julia’s calm and mesmerizing voice layered underneath.

Here’s Angus on the track:

“It’s basically a story of two kids lying on the roof of their car, watching the stars, drinking beers & getting high. High on all the good stuff in life. They’re talking about the lovers that they’ve had & where, now, the world has them headed.”

Previously working with producers, the duo decided to self-produce the new album from their home farm in Australia (where they also wrote all the songs together). “It was quite magical, because Angus and I have never spent that much time together, just the two of us,” says Julia of the recording process.

Their new album Snow drops tomorrow and they are selling out their North American tour (w/ a stop in LA @ the Fonda 12/6).

(photos by Jennifer Stenglein)