VIDEO: Portable’s sublime “Surrender”

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South African producer Alan Abrahams produces exciting variations of Techno/Machine Funk/House under several monikers.

As Portable, Abrahams released pretty heady House Music with a distinctly European leaning on Sud, Background and Live at Robert Johnson labels and intermittently Abrahams releases work as Bodycode via Spectral Sound in the US.

These distinctions between projects though notable are negligible as it’s literally “all good” as they say.

For the first time in a couple of years, Abrahams has dusted off the Portable alias for an astonishingly sublime new single for Live at Robert Johnson called, “Surrender“.

Portable has also put out a moving video of a hot air balloon event near the Fairy Chimneys rock formations in Cappadocia.

The combination of watching people float off into the sky and plaintive lyrics about seeking connection, all set in the desolate desert cradle of early Christianity make for a thoroughly post-modern spiritual experience.

It’s completely devastatingly sublime. This is what dreams are made of.