Video Premiere: Crane Like the Bird "Glass Half Full" (feat. Peter Morén)

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Since we premiered Kyle Crane’s project Crane Like the Bird this past January, the LA-based artist has been racking up playlist counts across the board here at KCRW.

As a refresher, Crane runs in some established musical circles, touring with artists like Neko Case and M. Ward. So, when it came to recording his own album, it was easy to enlist a few big hitters. Conor Oberst, James Mercer (The Shins), and Ben Bridwell (Band of Horses) are just a few of the voices you’ll hear on the self-titled album.

One more familiar name to add in the mix is that of Peter Morén (Peter, Bjorn and John), who takes ahold of the track “Glass Half Full.”

From Kyle Crane: “The song ‘Glass Half Full’ (feat. Peter Morén) is about keeping a positive outlook in the toughest of times. The part that says “it’s just the sword in the bull...” I was imagining a bull in the center of a ring and the whole crowd cheering the Matador on, but the bull just keeps going because it’s got thick skin and it isn’t fazed. The Matador struggles to kill it but it never dies and the bull becomes the true hero.”

Today we premiere the video for “Glass Half Full” and it is a visual treat. The video is animated by Vince Bigos, who is a celebrated cartoonist handpicked by Kyle. Hit play and think of it as a reason to be optimistic about a Monday.