White Fence: Local Band We Love

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If White Fence’s Tim Presley sleeps, it must be upon a bed of white polar bear fur floating on a cloud of pink smoke high above an animated George Dunning landscape.

But I doubt he does, as in the last 4 years, his White Fence project has released 6 studio albums, 2 live albums and a collaborative album with garage rock genius Ty Segall.

In approximately half the lifespan of his (now defunct) other music project, Darker My Love, he’s doubled his output and seemingly found a sound and feeling that he can wear with ease and the material seemingly flows from that, as if he’d come across a tiny bottle with a sign that said “Drink Me…and then play this guitar!”

His is the sound of being guided by voices through a poppy field to meet a gnome sitting atop Syd Barrett’s Octopus...in a field behind Dodgers Stadium.

White Fence’s most recent album, “For The Recently Found Innocent, is a pitch perfect exercise in retro pop psychedelia.

If you plucked any of the 14 tracks on the album and slapped it on a Nuggets or Pebbles compilation you might not know this was recorded this year.

Produced by Ty Segall (whose forthcomingManipulator” is also a bona fide ripper) the album effortlessly breezes through 14 tracks in 40 minutes.

The economy alone makes it worthy of your attention. But, the reason to listen to simply bliss out on the stony grooves.