Your 33 Black Angels: Artist You Should Know (Song Premiere)

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Bands like to be mysterious these days.

Like “we don’t have a bio” kind of mysterious.

Your 33 Black Angels are kind of like that.

They’ve been around for a while – I still break out their 2008 album, “Tales of My Pop-Rock Love Life“, every so often.

They are based out of Brooklyn and are non-infrequent performers at East Coast venues.

Their line-up seems fluid.

They play a fairly undefinable brand of psyche-rock that is never really over-indulgent or difficult to listen to, but is amorphous enough to keep them from easy classification.

And they have some clearly identifiable nods to the past in their music, but never really sound “retro.”

Bottom line, when I was alerted to there being a new record from them on the horizon – “Glamour“, out May 12th – I was eager to hear it.

And lo & behold, it may very well be their best and most accessible record to date.

Cruise Fun” is a good example of what they do well – a catchy, guitar-based tune that chimes along to a stomping beat, with echoes of early R.E.M., Warner Brothers-era Dinosaur Jr. and late-80s Wire.

If Your 33 Black Angel’s new record is any indication, they better start thinking about shoring up that bio, because soon enough the masses will want to know more!!!