David Lowery

July 30, 1990

After the breakup of Camper Van Beethoven, former frontman David Lowery ended up in LA as "totally a lost soul," in his words. In this transitional period, he reconnected with Deirdre, who invited him onto "SNAP!" as a guest DJ on the evening of July 30, 1990. Selections include The Chills, Eleventh Dream Day, Yo La Tengo, and The Silos.

David Lowery
Photo courtesy of David Lowery.

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Big Dipper — "The Bony Knees of Nothing"

The Chills — "Submarine Bells"

Souled American — "Rise Above It"

The Silos — "The Only Story I Tell"

Daniel Lanois — "O Marie"

Nothing Painted Blue — "In An Ames Room"

Eleventh Dream Day — "Testify"

The Buzzcocks — "Something's Gone Wrong Again"

Yo La Tengo — "Did I Tell You"

The Replacements — "Unsatisfied"

H.P. Zinker — "Dancing Days"