Tricia Halloran

Tricia Halloran is host of "Bent By Nature" and currently works as a music supervisor. She hosted KCRW's Brave New World for 15 years, navigating the indie rock scene as it emerged from a niche college radio format into a nationwide media genre, introducing Pete Yorn, David Gray, The Eels, Death Cab For Cutie and many other new artists to Los Angeles. She now finds songs for directors and producers of film and television projects. She’s never lost her love of discovering new music, and you can find her latest playlists at

Bob Carlson

Bob Carlson is the Co-Producer of "Bent By Nature." He is also the producer, host and sound designer of UnFictional, an award-winning radio program and podcast featuring first-person storytelling and highly produced personal documentaries. Before that, he spent over 20 years as the production director and a producer at KCRW: mixing live music performances, recording interviews, DJing, and making radio dramas. In his early days at KCRW, Bob worked with legendary radio producer Joe Frank, and he was the main mix engineer for Deirdre O’Donoghue’s "SNAP!" live performances beginning in 1988.

Myke Dodge Weiskopf

Myke Dodge Weiskopf (Co-Producer) is KCRW's Senior Producer for Music. He was the Senior Producer of KCRW's Lost Notes podcast and a contributing producer on UnFictional and The Organist, KCRW's collaboration with The Believer. He's been publicly writing, thinking, and obsessing about music since age 13 (pictured), when he published his first ‘zine on a hand-me-down Apple IIe and a dot-matrix printer. Since then, he's worked at/with Rykodisc, the Boston Phoenix, This American Life, BBC, NPR, the Getty Museum, and many others. He lives at

Andrea Domanick

Andrea leads KCRW's Digital Editorial Department and has been covering music and culture for 15 years. A native Angelena, she got her start at KPCC and LA Weekly before joining the Las Vegas Sun as an arts, entertainment, and business reporter. She then worked as West Coast Editor of Noisey at VICE, where her work included a two-year investigative project examining sexual misconduct in the music industry. Before joining KCRW, she contributed to publications including the LA Times, Billboard, Playboy, and Rolling Stone. She co-hosts and produces The Culture Journalist podcast on Substack, and is an avid field recordist and sound artist.

Anna Buss

Anna Buss is the Culture Producer working on UnFictional and a variety of other projects in the Culture Department. Before joining KCRW, she had several years experience as a senior producer, technical director, and social media manager for a nationally-syndicated, multimedia program.