Ian McCulloch

January 29, 1990

For students of '80s U.K. underground and independent music, Ian McCulloch needs little introduction. During his original tenure as frontman of Echo and the Bunnymen (1978-1988), McCulloch and co. enjoyed a run of hugely successful albums known as much for the lush iconography of their covers as the darkly romantic music contained therein.

But as relationships inevitably strained within the group, McCulloch struck out for a solo career in 1988. Two years later, he resurfaced with "Candleland," an album that felt more grounded and introspective, but lacked nothing for pop songcraft. On the occasion of the album's release, he paid a visit to "SNAP!" on January 29, 1990, to talk at length about its genesis, the end of the Bunnymen, working with Elizabeth Fraser, and much more.

Photo by Paul Bergen/Redferns.