Bent By Nature - Ep. 9: Promised Land (with Julian Cope)

The artist has got to be not like the historian.
The historian’s got hindsight. He can go back and go, “That was a great moment.” But the artist’s got to go, “No, I was there.” It’s like, history is something that happens. You can’t be there at history.
— Julian Cope, May 10, 1991

It’s May of 1991. Deirdre is in London, chatting backstage with post-punk indie underground legend Julian Cope. Cope has just released “Peggy Suicide,” one of the most ambitious and successful albums of his career. And while Deirdre’s in town, they’re hatching plans for Julian to appear on “SNAP!”

But just days after that announcement, “SNAP!” was off the air. Deirdre left KCRW for good in June of 1991. Then she left LA, too, for a while.
The following year, she showed up in rural England to live with Cope and his family. Cope joins Bent By Nature to recount their unique relationship and roles in each other’s lives.

Bent By Nature - Ep. 9: Promised Land (with Julian Cope)
Photo by Mick Hutson/Redferns.

Hi, this is Julian Cope. I'm reaching you from the Jockey House in the depths of Middle England. 

I'm just very determined to talk whatever limited information I could tell you about Deirdre, because I believe that it was just a very important time in her life, because she wasn't making plans for the future. It was almost like she was making plans for other people's futures. 

The time that I knew Deirdre was a very enlightened time, briefly. And when I first came into Deirdre's orbit – I think it's 1992 – we were very full-on and idealistic … and I'd say very New Age, which really suited Deirdre, because she was in a bad place. It was as though she knew that LA was killing her. It was physically killing her. But also, she knew that an urban environment was killing her.