The Mighty Lemon Drops

MAY 12, 1988

The Mighty Lemon Drops made their SNAP debut in May 1988, on the cusp of their American success with “Inside Out.”

The English quartet plays a rough and raucous mix of originals and covers that hearkens back to their earlier indie recordings.

BBN Ep. 3 – "Inside Out" (with The Mighty Lemon Drops' David Newton)
SNAP archival interview: The Mighty Lemon Drops (3/18/87)

The Mighty Lemon Drops
Photo by Peter Anderson/Sire/Reprise.


Paul Marsg (Vocals)
David Newton (Guitar)
Tony Linehan (Bass)
Keith Rowley (Drums)


Engineer: Geoff Sykes
Live Sound: Noel Thompson
Host: Deirdre O’Donoghue